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Welcome to My Blog

Hello, i am a writer
Hello, i am a writer

Welcome to my blog. I am Barine Sambaris, a freelance writer and web designer.

People say the oldest profession in the world is prostitution, others marketing. But I say its writing. Writing is the reason we have histories to turn to, events to remember, trends to compare and notes to review.

Writing was born out of necessity to pass information and keep records because long ago, man sought for a way to pass information, preserve history and keep records and documentation for their children and children’s children.

No one can say who really invented writing or how it came about, but according to some information, the first form of civilized writing was developed in Egypt around 3200BC, others say in China 1200BC, others Mesopotamia. It was said to start with pictograms, hieroglyphs and cuneiform.

Writers are not the richest nor the most influential persons in the world, maybe because writing is such a basic need that it just seems everyone should be able to write. But I am one of those individuals who have distinguished themselves enough to be called writers and make a living through writing.

Writing is something I am passionate about and because I have its sister associate, reading as a hobby I can write on almost any given topic, in any category.

I am very positive we’ll enjoy working together.

Check my About Page for more information about me

.Check my Services Page to know more on the services I offer.

Check my Contact Page on how to contact me.



Hello, i write



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