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Become A Great Blogger Through Web Curating

According to Fast Company, ‘curation is the art of indiviuals with a passion for content area to find, contextualize and organize information.’

The indexed web today currently contains at least 7.39 billion pages. That’s an insane amount of information to sift through. It is also too much for any person looking for information to go through. A lot of sites have great headlines, but publish too many unwanted stuff as content. A researcher/reader will find it daunting to go through all the information he needs. That is why good web curators are such indispensable resources.

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What is web curating

What does a curator do?
Curators are people who find and share quality sources of information with others. A curator filters the wanted/needed from the unwanted/unneeded and turns it into a great blog or post. Curators add values to posts.
You don’t always need an original idea to make a great blog. Web curators do not generate any significant content by themselves. Rather, they search the net looking for popular, interesting, and trending topics, then re-publish the same by adding their own views, thoughts, and extra information about the content.

Most popular blogs and bloggers today are web curators. Haven’t you ever visited two sites that probably have the same topics and almost the same content, only one is lengthy and stuffy, and the other specific? I have.
A web curator is a researcher, who only needs to filter the needed content from the vast available materials. All a web curator needs is passion and the ability to add more value to the original post/content.
In order to get an idea of what that looks like, let’s take a look at a few of the best curated content examples on the web today.

Become a Web curator

1. is the senior marketing executive’s one-stop shop for digital marketing insight
Like viral videos? Then check out where the author curates the best videos on the Web. Suitable for all ages.
Aint-Bad Magazine is a quarterly publication that focuses on the work of emerging photographers.
Reddit is a social news website where the registered users submit content, in the form of either a link or a text “self” post.
5. is a for-fun partnership of Rand from SEOMoz and Dharmesh from HubSpot


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