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Is Your Website Promoting Your Business

I can’t imagine a business now, in this age and time without a website. So I hope I share your sentiments when I expect you, as a business owner or freelancer to own a website, or a blog.
A website is the online face of the business. Not only is it imperative for you to own one, you must have one that showcases and promotes your products and services. A website could be personal or corporate. One can have both. Individual members of an organization can have their personal websites away from the organisation’s.
Like I said earlier, a website is the face of the business, online. Every day before you leave your house, you make sure you are properly and neatly dressed and set (your face especially). Why? People will always get their first impressions about you just from the way you look. Is your dressing flamboyant, conservative, trendy, colourful. Does it make you approachable? Just as well, a website must be designed to appeal to the audience who are expected to visit the site. The appearance of a fashion website is definitely different from that of a law firm.


Set a target traffic for your website and earn it
Set a target traffic for your website and earn it

Given the competition in the business world today, a good website is an edge and an advantage over other businesses of the same nature. There are some things you must do make sure your website stands out.
Images are an integral part of every website. Your website must have clear, high quality images, preferable one of your own, not one downloaded from another site. It gives the site a unique and important. The customers see that you have put an effort into your site so they take you seriously.
Images are good way of passing non-verbal messages across to the viewer. A good image should capture the attention of the viewer. It can even be enticing. This doesn’t mean you have to flood your pages with images. Learn how to use images effectively by placing them in strategic places.
Please note that only images that are relevant to the site’s theme or message should be used.
A good website has a good navigation system. This includes links, menus and side navs. There is nothing more annoying than a site with dead ends. Nobody has the patience for that these days. Dead ends are site pages/posts without links or any clear navigation. That means you might leave the home page to another page, but cannot come back easily to the page you left to another page. My school’s website was initially like that. To print some documents you have to log out and log in again. Most of the pages were dead ends. We only went through the stress because it necessary we had complete documents.

Links, hyperlinks, side bar menus and header menus must always be easily accessible. Make them fixed if you must. That is why it is advisable to use the same page template throughout your website.


images (28)(1)
Your website is technically you handing out your business card

Your site must have a clear description of what it is about and hopes to offer to the audience and how the admin can be contacted. This is usually found on the Home page, but is also necessary to have a Home page, About me/us, Services and Contact pages separately so each of them can be conveniently explained. You can check here on how to write a quality About Me page.
Text is another integral part of a website. This is why blogs are so popular these days. Text fonts and sizes should be readable and clear.
I also encourage blogs on every website. SEO ranking lately has gone past stuffy and keywords. Search engines now indexes site with good and quality content writing. Shopify is an example of a site with good content marketing and copywriting.
Copywriting is another way of getting readers and customers to your site. If you can’t maintain a blog, you should hire someone to do it. It works almost like magic.
Social media links and buttons should be placed where it can be easily seen, so readers can follow, share and retweet your posts and pages. Usually they place at the beginning or end of a post. Having an email subscription list is necessary. Email subscriptions ensures that the readers get a notification whenever you post something new. It keeps them engaged. It also makes it easier for you to reach them one on one, personally.
A contact form should also be your site, preferably in the contact page. This way readers can reach you via email or phone, and also you get feedback from your audience.
What do you think? Are you up to up to it?

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