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Is There Really A One True Love Out There For You?

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Is there a one true love out there for you?
Is there really a one true love out there for you? The one that is just the ‘one’ for you? Romance novels, movies and stories have greatly romanticized the possibility of the one true love.
Remember Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow white and the likes? These are stories that we were put to bed with. Stories that little girls fantasied about every night. Usually the ‘loves’ in these stories are knights/princes armed with the desire to kiss away the pains and sorrows of their love.
Has the notion of the one true love blinded people to reality as they wait for the one? In the face of reality, is there really a one true love? Someone who comes into your life and takes your breath away. Someone charming, tall, handsome/beautiful, spontaneous, loving, funny, honest (aren’t these the usual criteria for partnership) etc.
Love is an action word characterized by so many other things; that is why it is more of a verb than a noun. Love is patient, love is long suffering, love is kind, love doesn’t lie, love cares, love is selfless, and love is charity. Are people all to each other? If they are, why has the rate of divorce gone up to 50% in recent times? What does this say about this love?

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The people going through the pangs of divorce and broken relationships are people who were once in love. People who kissed, had sex and spoke highly of the ‘love of their love’.
What I am trying to point out is that there is no ‘the one’. Love is something to work at, which is why it is characterized by so many other attributes. When you meet someone you are compatible with and who willing to love you too, you have to keep working on your relationship. You learn to compromise, you learn to understand that this person is different from you. You learn to care, to say nice words, to say ‘am sorry’ when necessary. You learn to give more, and you learn to be there for the person. You nurture your relationship and as it blooms each day, then you have found ‘the one’.
We have a lot of selfish people these days in love, who expect more than they are willing to give and take more than they give. Don’t sit around waiting for someone to show you love, or waiting for a trophy to show around. Love and be loved. Go out of your way to make others feel comfortable and welcomed. Love can be found in the most unlikely places.


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