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10 Foods People Eat Others Find Disgusting


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What do you eat?

Food and cuisine differs from culture to culture. Some people are used to a certain food so eating it doesn’t bother them, while others are not. To the latter, the foods might be disgusting. But there are some weird food that people eat that are just disgusting. Maybe because these foods are not acceptable generally or because of the nature of the food. But here are 10 foods, people eat that others find disgusting.

10 Dogs

Most of us consider dogs to be pets. They live with us in our houses, have their own spots and names. Killing and eating a dog is akin to cannibalism. How do you enjoy eating something you give a name? But the people of China do not share these sentiments. There is a dog festival in China, where dogs are killed in their thousands and eaten. In Nigeria, the Ibibio and Anang people are fond of dog meat, which the rest of the country find nauseating. Although many parts of Russia, and some parts of Europe also eat dog meat.

Bosintang is a common Korea food made with dog meat. In Nigeria, dog eaters claim that dishes with dog meat has immunization against malaria.

The primary health concern of eating dogs are rabies. A dog must be considered clinically clean for it to be eaten.

9 Cats

9 Cats
Cats are also Continue reading


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