I do freelance writing and web designs. Having worked and written for agencies, firms and corporations, I offer services in
• Guest blogging
This is blogging for a site without the post being officially accredited to me.
• Content writing
This is writing specific or relevant content for websites for their audience. As a content writer, I write engaging content for use over the internet on any topic.
• Content marketing
As a content marketing writer, I write valuable content to attract and convert prospects into customers and customers into repeat buyers. I do this by educating people on why they need a particular product or service.
• Ghost writing
Also the same as ghost blogging. This is writing for a site without the post or article being accredited to me.
• Technical writing
This is writing on a particular subject that could require direction, instruction or explanation. In technical writing, I help my audience solve a particular problem by writing with instructions, explanations and how-to.
• Social media management
I help companies, business people, firms and marketers set up and manage their social media pages and groups.

For websites, I use HTML5, CSS3, javascript and PHP to design interactive and mobile friendly sites.
My fee is also affordable